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Play Stick Run

Play Stick Run
You love action game? You are waiting for an action game that is interesting? You also want that game is funny? Stick run 2 is right here, it has all the things that you require.
    Playing stick run is very funny. The rule of the game is very easy to understand. The controls are very simple, so that even kids can play it.
    In the game, you play as a very thin guy. This guy has to run from the start point to the finish point. There are ten levels in the game, but all the missions of the levels are similar – running from the start point to the finish point. If you just have to run, it is too easy, right? There is no enemy which you have to fight against on your way. The only thing that hinders you from running to the finish point is very high pillars.
    What is difficult in the game is jumping up to the top of the pillars so that you can pass the pillars to go on your way. Not only jumping to pass the pillars on the path, you have to complete the missions in the jumping lessons. The missions in jumping lessons are much more difficult than jumping up to the top of the pillars on the path.
Generally, on your running way, under the pillars is plane land. So, if you can’t jump to the top of the pillars, you will fall on land, which is OK. Meanwhile, in jumping lessons, you have to jump across sequential pillars, under which are gulfs. If you can reach the top of the pillars, you will fall down and fall into the gulfs. Then, you die.
    Luckily, the turns to play in Stick run are unlimited, so you can try as many times as you want. However, if you try again, you have to come back to the start point of the lesson. Those are the reasons why the game is so difficult.
    Additionally, the controls of the game are using mouse and arrow keys. You have to use the arrow keys to make your character move. If you press the right arrow key, he will move forward. If you press up arrow key, he will jump.
However, if you press only the up arrow key, your character never can reach the top of the pillars. I have a tip for you to resolve this problem. If you hold the right arrow key and press the up arrow key continuously, he can jump up to the top of the pillars.
    Why don’t you try it now to check whether my tip is useful or not?
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Games Stick Run 2

Games Stick Run 2
Stick run 2 is an upgraded version of Stick run. It is an action game developed by Blobzone.
Being the upgraded version, Stick run 2 has some improved features from the first version. The main character in the game has bigger body, which makes him easier to be seen. The main character in the first version is too small. In the game you play as him. Your mission is to run through the big rocks which are arranged in no particular order. You must decide yourself where you have to run, where to jump up, where to jump down. Meanwhile, in the first version, you just have to run or jump.
Moreover, in the first version, only when in front of you are the very high pillars that you have to jump. However, in this version, the order of the rocks is flexible. You can’t know what is waiting for you in the front. It can be a big rock that you have to jump up to its top to pass. It can be a pit and if you can’t jump to the rock far in the front, you will fall into the pit and come back to the start point. It may be a plane rock where usual running is OK. That is the attractive point of the game.
Additionally, it is very difficult for you to play the game right from the start point. There are so many pits that you have to jump across. To raise the difficulty, the pits are so large that you can hardly jump across them. At the first times you play this game, you can become crazy about the pits. You can think that the mission is impossible. However, when you are used to jumping in the game, it will become so easy. Only by a light jump, you can pass it. Due to the rocks and the difficulty of passing them that makes this version is more attractive than the first one. The difficulty is also an interesting point which makes the players totally impressed by the game.
If you like actions game, Stick run 2 is a wonderful choice for you. It can blow you away immediately at the first time you play.
Are you ready to jump? How far can your run in the game? Remember, the game count the time that it takes you to run to claim your record.
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